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NO.1 What is the RESULT of a hash algorithm being applied to a message ?
A. A message digest
B. A plaintext
C. A digital signature
D. A ciphertext
Answer: A

SSCP 問題数   
As when a hash algorithm is applied on a message , it produces a message
The other answers are incorrect because :
A digital signature is a hash value that has been encrypted with a sender's private key.
A ciphertext is a message that appears to be unreadable.
A plaintext is a readable data.
Reference : Shon Harris , AIO v3 , Chapter-8 : Cryptography , Page : 593-594 , 640 , 648

NO.2 A Security Kernel is defined as a strict implementation of a reference monitor mechanism
responsible for enforcing a security policy. To be secure, the kernel must meet three basic conditions,
what are they?
A. Completeness, Isolation, and Verifiability
B. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
C. Policy, mechanism, and assurance
D. Isolation, layering, and abstraction
Answer: A

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NO.3 The type of discretionary access control (DAC) that is based on an individual's identity is also
A. Rule-based Access control
B. Identity-based Access control
C. Lattice-based Access control
D. Non-Discretionary Access Control
Answer: B

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NO.4 Examples of types of physical access controls include all EXCEPT which of the following?
A. badges
B. guards
C. passwords
D. locks
Answer: C